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Why do teeth rot?

Tooth decay is a condition with multiple causes. Yes, rot is a microbial event and there are bacteria that cause cavities… But if this was the only reason, bruises would be vaccinated and no one would have bruises…

In order for caries to occur, several other factors must be present in addition to bacteria. One of the most important of these factors is regular and poor quality nutrition. It has been proven in clinical studies that foods that are difficult to remove from the mouth by brushing, that stick to the teeth and that are rich in sugar, rot the teeth more quickly. Teeth should be carefully brushed and cleaned after feeding. Neglecting or not brushing teeth will facilitate tooth decay and lead to gum diseases.

One of the most frequently asked questions by families is whether a dental caries has an effect on genetics. Yes, genetic factors are effective in dental caries, but at a very low rate. Structurally problematic teeth are also more prone to caries. However, genetic factors can be eliminated with regular and meticulous care and preventive applications.