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Why are milk teeth important?

Milk teeth are very important guide teeth for the healthy formation and eruption of permanent teeth. Between the roots of milk teeth, there are germs, or buds, of permanent teeth in the jawbone. These buds are the outlines of the permanent teeth that will be in the mouth of the child for life. Milk teeth are very important for the healthy development of these buds. The formation of caries and inflammation in the milk teeth can disrupt the formation and development of these teeth that will come out later, and may cause discoloration and deformity in these teeth.

In addition, caries in the milk teeth cause the distances between the teeth to close. In this case, the child’s permanent teeth may come out crooked. This may lead to orthodontic treatment, that is, to have braces attached to his teeth.

For this reason, milk teeth should not be regarded as insignificant teeth that will fall anyway. Because the healthier the milk teeth, the healthier the permanent teeth will be.