Why do teeth turn yellow or dark?

Depending on the density of the protein layer inside the teeth, the color of the teeth differs between individuals. The most common situation in later color changes is the darkening of the color of the teeth as age progresses. Consumption of substances that stain the teeth (coffee, tea, cola, cigarettes, etc.), blows to the teeth, old dentures, veneers and fillings can also cause discoloration. Using antibiotics (such as tetracycline) or excessive fluoride consumption during the development of teeth also cause dark discoloration of the teeth.

When and to whom can the whitening process be applied?

If your teeth are dark in color, have yellow, gray and brown tones or have stains on them, the examination and diagnosis will determine whether the teeth are suitable for whitening. The teeth whitening process is trouble-free in a healthy mouth. It is a safe solution for a whiter and natural smile. .

Is it safe to whiten teeth?

Yeah! According to studies, teeth whitening is extremely effective and safe if done under control. The color of the teeth can be opened up to 6 tones. There is no harmful effect on teeth and gums. Sometimes there may be mild cold and hot sensitivity in the teeth, but this situation is completely corrected by intermittent treatment or discontinuation.

How long is the application period?

In general, teeth whitening begins in the first application. However, in order to achieve the ideal image, it is necessary to continue for 10 – 14 days if the application is done at home, and at least 4-5 sessions if it is done in the office.

Will teeth go back to normal after whitening?

Teeth will not return to their former color and will always be whiter than before. However, depending on the habits and oral care of the patients, a reinforcement treatment that is used once or twice a year may be required.

What is the bleaching process and how is it done?

Whitening is the process of removing the discoloration that occurs in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer). There are two different whitening methods currently known.

The first method is a method that the patient can apply on his own, the stages are as follows:

* Having the dentist take measurements from the mouth and prepare thin rubber molds that you can put on your teeth,

* The patient places a medicine in a special mold prepared for him and puts this mold on the teeth to be whitened for at least 6 – 8 hours a day (preferably asleep),

* Termination of treatment within 1-2 weeks on average.

The second method is whitening performed by a physician in the clinic, which is applied as follows:

* The bleaching agent is placed on the tooth by a physician experienced in this procedure.

* A laser or ultraviolet light source is kept on the relevant tooth for a certain period of time.

When the process is finished, the result is immediately observed. Although it is more effective than these two methods applied at home, the choice depends on the degree of discoloration, how quickly the treatment is desired to be terminated and the opinion of the physician.