Which implant?

Which Implant?

With the widespread use of dental implant treatment, the presence of too many implant brands on the market and the widespread use of counterfeit implant products, unfortunately, is a development we see with regret.

These products, which are obtained as a result of the production of the implant itself or the spacers used for prosthesis production by imitating it with low quality outside the original company, are put on the market by circles that do not have ethical concerns and are profit-oriented, and pose a danger to the oral and dental health of the patients. It is inevitable that such parts, which are applied without going through any quality control process, will damage the applied dental implant, jawbone and soft tissues. Problems such as loosening, fractures or bacterial growth in the space in between may occur as a result of the part that is attached to the implant, which we call the abutment, on which the coating sits, is not fully seated on the implant. Due to the fact that these structures in the jawbone are intertwined with bacteria, bone resorption can be observed around the implant, also known as peri-implantitis.

The fact that the implant brand used has certificates related to international quality standards and that the original production of spacers that may be required from time to time can continue are important factors in terms of which implant brand patients will prefer.

We may encounter cases where original prosthetic parts cannot be found in the market and therefore teeth cannot be made on the implant and therefore the implants unfortunately have to be removed from time to time.

To avoid such problems; It is important to be treated by an experienced physician who has received the necessary training to perform implant treatment, to work with reliable implant brands, and to avoid implants that are economical in the short term but not accessible in the long term by thinking only about price.