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What would an ideal toothbrush be like?

An ideal toothbrush should be made of at least 3 rows of medium soft, rounded nylon bristles. It is possible to make a more detailed and good brushing with small-headed brushes.

Please review the information below in order to use your toothbrush effectively and healthily.

When the bristles of your brush lose their parallelism, it should be replaced (approximately 3 months). If this parallelism breaks down within 1 month, it means you are brushing by pressing more than necessary.

Toothbrushes should be stored in such a way that they dry in a short time and do not come into contact with other brushes.

You must have at least 2 brushes. A full day is required for the nylon toothbrush to dry.
If the same brush is used every day, the brush cannot dry completely and becomes too soft to function well.

Refresh your brush when you have the flu. Since toothbrushes are usually kept in moist and warm environments, they create a very suitable environment for bacteria and viruses to settle and reproduce. When you brush your teeth with the brush in which the flu virus has settled, you will encounter the disease agent again.

Do not brush your teeth within 30 minutes after taking acidic drinks (orange juice, lemon, cola drinks, etc.) or stay away from acidic drinks for 30 minutes after brushing your teeth. Acidic drinks dissolve the protective layer formed on the teeth by disrupting the PH balance of saliva, and when you brush your teeth, the protective layer is completely removed from your teeth and your teeth are slightly eroded from their surfaces.