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What is porcelain laminate?

It consists of sticking the porcelain structure specially prepared for the patient, in the desired color and form, to the tooth with special techniques. Since the thickness of this structure is approximately 0.7 mm, at least 0.5 mm of abrasion is required only on the front surface of the tooth to be treated.

It is used for gaps in the front teeth, fractures, stubborn discoloration that cannot be cleared with tooth whitening, and slight crookedness.

It is not applied to those who have habits such as closure disorder, excessive teeth grinding, nail biting or pen biting, and those with advanced gum disease.

It requires a very sensitive clinical and technical study. The form of the teeth can be seen with the patient on a pre-prepared wax template and the details can be decided. It takes about a week.

If applied to the right case, it can serve for many years with good care and careful use.