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What is pedodontics (pediatric dentistry)?

Pedodontics (pediatric dentistry); It is a department that deals with dental problems and emergencies that may occur from birth to adolescence, when the permanent dentition period begins, and includes preventive applications to prevent the occurrence of dental and maxillofacial problems.

Who is a pedodontist (pediatric dentist)?

Pedodontist (pediatric dentist); He is a dentist who specializes in child psychology, growth development and approach to the child, as well as the solution of children’s dental development and problems. Pedodontists receive the title of “pediatric dentist” by completing at least 4 years of doctoral education after 5 years of dental education.

The pedodontist makes the child love dental treatment like a game by applying correct behavior guidance techniques and ensures that the child comes to dental treatment in a motivated way.

Of course, during the child’s meeting and treatment with the dentist, the family’s behaviors that will support the doctor will ensure that the treatment approach is more successful and in a shorter time.

Before bringing their children to the first dental appointment, families can also prepare the child for treatment by organizing games at home.

Families should be extremely careful and controlled in order not to reflect their own anxieties on the child.

Did you know these?

1. Permanent teeth last under the guidance of milk teeth and the healthier the milk teeth are, the healthier the permanent teeth will be,

2. Caries is a microbial condition and children usually get this microbe from family members,

3. The first permanent teeth are 6-year-old molars that emerge at the back of the dental arch at the age of 6,

4. Initial bruises are white in color,

5. Early extracted milk teeth may cause crowding in permanent teeth,

6. Abscess may also occur in primary teeth due to caries, and this abscess may cause structural defects and staining in the permanent teeth that will erupt later,

7. In the 2000s, children ate sugar 3-4 times their daily needs,

8. Your child’s teeth can be strengthened against caries by procedures such as fissure sealant and fluoride application by a pedodontist,

9. Teeth cleaning should be done regularly by the mother or father from the moment the first milk tooth appears in the mouth until the child reaches the age of 6,

10. Even if your child has no cavities in his mouth, he should be taken to the Pedodontist once every 6 months for control purposes,

11. Acidic drinks, canned fruit juices and pool water can cause loss of substances called erosion in the teeth,

12. Heredity is only 5-10% effective in the formation of dental caries. The remaining 90-95% is caused by irregular nutrition, irregular brushing of the teeth or not brushing at all,

13. Root canal treatment can be performed on milk teeth when necessary,

14. Early lost milk teeth may affect your child’s speech,

15. Did you know that grinding teeth in children can cause serious material loss in the teeth?