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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with making crooked teeth an ideal tooth array using removable or fixed devices, and also correcting skeletal disorders by using growth guidance. The basis of orthodontic treatment is based on the principle of moving the teeth in the bone by applying appropriate forces, and, if necessary, ensuring the ideal relationship of soft tissues and bone structures through growth guidance. During orthodontic treatment, the integrity of the teeth is not compromised, and processes such as coatings and fillings are not performed. In this respect, it is a completely natural and long-term treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is corrected with devices that are popularly called ‘braces’ or ‘palatal braces’. These devices can be fixed or removable. It can be used in many combinations such as fixed or removable appliances, porcelain, metal, attached to the inner surface of the tooth, and support from the outside of the mouth.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

You are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth. Although your teeth are strong, crowding causes a bad appearance, and no matter how much you brush, you cannot provide adequate hygiene. In addition to being a problem for your health, this situation also negatively affects your social life. If you want your teeth to be straightened, as well as if you are looking for a permanent treatment that will not harm your teeth, and you want to smile more confidently, then you are a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. You can get detailed information from your doctor.