What is oral health?

Oral health means the general health of the tissues that enable us to speak and laugh, breathe, kiss, smell, taste, touch, chew and swallow, cry from pain and open our emotional world with our facial expressions.

Oral health and general health, the health of the oral tissues, are also an indicator of the health of the organs and systems in our body. By examining these tissues, your dentist can collect very serious information about your general health.

A detailed oral examination may reveal nutritional deficiencies, microbial infections, immune system disorders and some forms of cancer.
Microscopic examination of oral secretions can give clues about a disease.

The facial nerves have a relationship with other nerves in the body.

The jawbones and jaw joint are part of the skeletal system in other parts of the body. The slightest problem in the jaw joint can manifest as pain that radiates to any part of your skeletal system.

Or a discomfort in your heart muscles may be reflected in your jaw muscles.