What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is popularly known as “eye drawing”. General applications are aimed at solving vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia (age-related nearsightedness).

Laser eye surgery, which can be applied for these reasons and many other reasons, is performed with the advice of a doctor after various examination procedures. Some of the points to be considered here are the suitability of the patient’s corneal thickness and shape for treatment. In addition, the patient’s age, health history and visual defect number are also important in deciding whether they are suitable for eye laser surgery.

The aim of laser treatment is to increase the quality of life of people and to enable them to have a more comfortable life. Today, the most widely used treatment method in the world for the treatment of refractive errors is the I-LASIK (Laser Assisted insitu Keratomilluesis) method. This method is personal and is performed in accordance with the eye structure of the patient as a result of detailed examination and examinations.