What is done in butt aesthetics?

1. Buttock enlargement
a. With fat transfer,
b. With silicone butt prostheses
2. Butt stretching
3. New butt form and design
4. Butt lift and suspension methods
5. Butt-hip reduction
6.Butt lift and lift
7. Combined initiatives
8. Creating a butt dimple
9. Correction of small deformities, asymmetries, scars and abscess scars of the buttock.

Transaction details at a glance.
1. Buttock enlargement

A. With special buttock silicone, implant, prosthesis
– Just like the prostheses used in breast augmentation.
These prostheses are denser and specially designed.
It is the most common plastic surgery in America, along with fat transfer.
-It is not felt if it is placed under the muscle.
– It is not affected by body movements such as sitting and lying
-1.5 hour procedure general or regional anesthesia.
-Discharged on the same day,
-Back to work in 3 or 4 days
-The trace is hidden in the butt fold.
– Your doctor’s opinion and your nature determine the final procedure .
B. With fat transfers

– If you have enough fat accumulation, (two birds with one stone, lose weight and grow butt)
– If you are a fan of natural methods
– If you have a moderate magnification request
-If your skin quality and cellulitic structure are suitable
-Procedure duration is approximately 1.5 hours, general or regional anesthesia
-Same day discharge
-4-5 days after work
-A recovery corset is used for 2 weeks after the procedure.
-No trace.
– Your doctor’s opinion and your nature determine the final procedure.
2.Butt stretching
– In cases where the sagging in the region is too much
– Significant cracks and sagging together
-After obesity treatment
-Combined with thigh and leg stretching
It definitely leaves a surgical scar. Traces can be hidden in folds.
– The scars that will remain are preferred to the bad appearance of sagging.
3. New hip-butt area design (Brazilian butt aesthetic)
It is actually a combined procedure.
– Also known as the Brazilian butt lift.
Harmony and proportionality between waist, hip, hip and butt projection are recreated.
-The waist is thinned, the hip is narrowed, fat transfer and/or prosthesis are made to increase the butt upper side projection.
– The trendy high-set, side-full curved butt is created. The general opinion is that the attractiveness of this type of butt is higher.
-Small and medium sags are corrected. Waist, butt, hip, hip, thigh are made suitable for body posture harmony.
-The process takes 2-5 hours.
-Discharge on the same or the next day
-A special corset is used for 2 weeks.
-5. on the job per day
Full activity is given after 3 weeks.
4. Suspension methods for butt lift
– It is not permanent, it can be made for those who need it for a certain period (summer, social environments, wedding, engagement clothes, etc.)
-It is more permanent when combined with different methods. Long-term results alone are bad. It is short term.
– Discuss your needs clearly with your doctor.
– Suspension methods are not a cure, but a temporary state of well-being.
5. Butt Reduction
– In case of genetically or structurally the proportions of this region are defective or above the norm
-Pear type bodies that are resistant to weight loss and exercise
– It is often used in conjunction with liposuction.
It can be combined with tummy tuck surgery.
-A corset is worn for shaping after the procedure.
-1.5 or 2 hours of regional, general anesthesia is performed.
– If the lower pelvis is not deformed and very large, satisfactory results are obtained.
It is also performed as part of routine fat removal or liposuction procedures.
Laser lipolysis is effective in small and medium procedures.
6.Butt lift lifting
-Usually used with combined methods.
-As implant + fat transfer
-With oil transfer and suspension systems
-Personal characteristics are more decisive.
– It is frequently applied to the postpartum 35-45 age group.
– It can be combined with other operations, body procedures such as tummy tuck.
– There is no trace or it is hidden in the butt fold.
It can be done with regional and general anesthesia.
– It can be done as a daily.
7. Combined initiatives
-with tummy tuck
-With liposuction
– With thigh stretch
-Surgical procedures after obesity treatment
– With breast aesthetic operations
-With leg aesthetics
8. Butt dimple enhancement
– It is done with local anesthesia.
-Discharged on the same day
-Back to work the next day
9. Minor deformities, asymmetries, abscesses and scars collapses of the butt
– Image defects such as trauma or infection or as a result of congenital diseases are corrected with lipofilling or other methods that will not leave any traces.