What does impacted wisdom tooth mean?

Wisdom teeth, also known as wisdom teeth, are also known as the last teeth to erupt in adulthood. The general problem for wisdom teeth, which means the molars located behind the jaw, is that the tooth cannot adapt to the existing jaw structure. Therefore, pain or abscess formations are observed in most people. For this reason, wisdom teeth should generally be removed by surgical operation and the necessary treatment should be applied in this way.

The underlying reason for this problem is that there is not enough space in the jaw for the wisdom teeth to come out. While this problem also causes severe pain, it causes deterioration in jaw structures and adversely affects other teeth in terms of health. For this reason, it is important to go to the hospital and show the current tooth structure to the doctor when the wisdom teeth begin to erupt. If the jaw structure has a suitable and smooth structure, there is no requirement for the extraction of the wisdom tooth.

What Does Impacted Wisdom Teeth Mean?

In some unforeseen cases, they remain embedded in the gums due to their eruption at the wrong angle due to the unsuitable jaw structure, and at the same time, this situation may not be visible from the outside. This is briefly impacted wisdom tooth is defined as. In these types of cases wisdom tooth surgerycarried out, the problem is completely solved.

These teeth, which are called impacted wisdom teeth, mostly manifest themselves with pain. The things to do in order not to adversely affect the jaw and tooth structures and to avoid abscess problems are to make an appointment with a dentist and then have the dental structures checked by the dentist. However, with a regular dental examination, the eruption of wisdom teeth can be followed.

In this way, the problem is solved with a correct surgical intervention. In fact, in the event of an unexpected negativity, with the sudden intervention, both the jaw structure is preserved and the other teeth are protected in terms of health.

At What Age Do Wisdom Teeth Start to Appear?

Even though wisdom teeth are generally expressed with this name, it is not always a case of teeth erupting at the age of twenty. These teeth, which have a total number of four, emerge on average between the ages of 17-25. Even if it does not erupt in this age range, this does not mean that the teeth are absent.

Since the teeth remain embedded for many times, wisdom teeth cannot be noticed if they do not cause pain in people. For this reason, it is determined whether there are impacted teeth or not by making an x-ray through the doctor. Young people between the ages of 17-25 should go to a doctor because there are feelings such as pain in the area where the wisdom teeth can come out.