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What does genital aesthetics change or fix? Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty etc….

Aesthetic approaches produce solutions that correspond to defects in every part of the body, the wearing effects of time or various trauma results: In the developing world, in times of crazy communication, and in proportion to the rediscovery of the body of the woman who liberates / gains economic gains, it becomes widespread in genital aesthetics. Almost every problem has a solution here. Your vagina, which expands / loosens with time, age, birth traumas, multiple pregnancies, is narrowed with a simple operation called “Vaginoplasty”. This result can also be obtained by tightening the loose tissues with electrical stimulation therapy, radiofrequency or fat fillings. As a result, the vaginal area brought back to normal means a more satisfying and satisfying sexuality for both men and women. Compressed/narrowed vagina and vagina muscles can be the herald of a healthier sexual life. This surgical procedure, in which the excess of the lost connective tissue elasticity in the vagina is cut and removed, lasts between 20-45 minutes, can be performed with local anesthesia, you can return to your home on the same day and you can have your natural sexual life after 15-20 days. The pain is at a level that can be relieved with simple painkillers, there is no suture removal because dissolving materials are used. In addition, the most common genital aesthetic problems is the problem of the size / sagging of the outer and inner vaginal lips. The labia minora, called the labia minora, are the inner curved structures that extend from the upper part of the clitoris to the bottom of the vagina entrance. Although it is considered natural for women to protrude a little from the outer lips, the fact that this sagging is uncomfortably long is not considered medically important, but it can sometimes create an extremely disturbing appearance from an aesthetic point of view: With the surgical intervention called “labiaplasty”, this aesthetic negativity is cut and the small lips are cut. corrected by trimming. By the way, we can say that the size of these small lips sometimes causes pain during sexual intercourse, fungal infections, bad smell, and a negative image when wearing swimsuits/shorts/tights. These are usually serious reasons that make labiaplasty necessary. Likewise, asymmetries, color changes and dark appearance in the labia majus can be corrected with genital aesthetic approaches. In these interventions, which do not have the problem of removing stitches, last 30-45 minutes, and can be performed with local or general anesthesia, 1-2 days of rest is appropriate, 2-3 days later you will enter a normal life. You can sometimes make your own dressing. It is an advantage that vagina tightening surgery (vaginoplasty) can be performed in the same session: Lapioplasty attempts do not prevent sexual intercourse, conception or giving birth. There is no damage to the hymen. Similarly, hymen repair (Hymenoplasty) may accompany these interventions. No surgical scar is visible from the outside. It is useful to repeat that you will not have urinary problems, excessive burning and pain after the surgery and you can return to sexual life after 3-4 weeks. We mentioned above that the outer lips are long / large / asymmetrical. Apart from the appearance disorder, it also causes tension and pain when the penis is pushed during sexual intercourse, and the correction of this situation can be a part of this process. It should be noted that people who have not given birth before or who are virgins may have similar problems. These outer and inner lip aesthetic problems, which can cause problems during clothing, exercise and sexual intercourse, can be easily solved today. It should be noted that the labia can sometimes be smaller and looser than normal. In these cases, the volume loss in this region is eliminated with fat fillings and rejuvenation and normalization are provided. In another section, we will examine the genital aesthetic solutions of the clitoris, G-spot, perianal region and vulva, which form the orgasm areas. Similarly, aesthetic problems of genital organs (uterus / uterus, vagina, ovaries) will also be evaluated.