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What are the treatment methods in edentulous patients?


When it comes to the complete loss of teeth, treatment is inevitable both in terms of function and aesthetics.

It should not be forgotten that since the complete lack of teeth will directly affect the chewing function of the person, this situation affects the full digestive system and the person.

Aesthetically, the teeth support both the jawbone and the soft tissue in the lip. The root parts of the teeth are the support for the jawbone. The bone without roots melts away over time. It goes inside the lips well, an old and unwanted appearance appears.


It replaces both the teeth and the images of the supporting roots. In fact, cheek and lip support is provided by making the parts of the palatal prosthesis facing the lip and cheek a little fuller. The upper jaw palate grips the palate like a vacuum. However, since the lower jaw palate will be displaced by the movement of the prosthetic tongue, retention is achieved with the muscle ability of the person. It has always been used as a solution to increase the retention of total dentures.


After the implants are placed, it is possible to connect the implant tops with the help of a bar. Special holders placed on these bars are also placed inside the prosthesis and the prostheses are fixed to the palate. They are also very easy to clean as they can be attached and removed. Around the bars and implants are also easily cleaned.

Provides support to lip tissues.


The bone is not suitable; or 2 implants are placed in the jawbones that are not suitable for placing more than 2 implants. The male part of the attachment is placed on top of the 2 implants and the female part is placed on the prosthesis. Functioning almost like a snap

Attachments increase the grip quite a lot.


Completely edentulous patients where the jawbone is suitable; It is possible to make completely fixed prostheses.

In cases where the jawbone is not suitable, prostheses can be made after a female bone arrangement is made and implants are placed to make the jawbone suitable.


Especially in cases where lip support is desired in the upper jaw, a thin full prosthesis is prepared and attached to the implants with special screwing systems. It is very convenient that the bottoms can be checked by a doctor once in a while. Having lip support is also a great advantage. The biggest problem in implant applications is that the roots of the teeth provide support to the palate. However, this support is not available as the implants are placed in the existing bone. The individual who wants to be completely toothed should know that lip support can be provided with this prosthesis.