What are the symptoms of periodontal diseases?

The first symptom of periodontal diseases, which are common in society, is bleeding in the gums. The gingiva is red, swollen and has a shiny surface. Most of the time, these symptoms are accompanied by bad breath, itching in the gums, bleeding sensation, and sensitivity in the teeth. The main purpose of periodontal treatment is to keep the hopeless, unhealthy teeth in the mouth. Different treatment methods are applied according to the type and severity of the disease. These; First of all, it can be simply summarized as oral hygiene education, calculus removal, root surface straightening, regenerative, reconstructive and mucogingival operations. At the same time, providing gingival aesthetics of individuals with a high smile line is within the scope of periodontal treatment. The type and severity of the disease; The patient’s habits and cooperation with the physician directly affect the standard of oral hygiene, treatment planning and success.
Periodontal treatment is a dental service with the highest level of patient satisfaction and definite results when necessary interventions are made with early diagnosis. It should be noted that no restorative treatment can be applied to periodontally unhealthy teeth.