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What are the complications of learning too much medical information?

THERE ARE NO DISEASES, THERE ARE PATIENTS.. It is dedicated to the words and memories of my late teacher Dr.Sadi Irmak.

First of all, patients have the right to ask questions and obtain medical information, this is a legal legal right. However, learning too much medical information has its limits and complications. I would like to express this subject with a few sentences based on my observations and experiences..because this subject is a subject of deep research..therefore, I do not want to be misunderstood.My aim is to draw the attention of our patients first, then our colleagues and professors, and even scientists related to this subject, which I attach great importance to. ..

First of all, it is necessary to determine that.. patients should see and know that physicians are obliged to give the information they can give. should not know..

Ask the doctors questions and want to be informed about your disease, this is your right, however. The thing you need to know before using this right is to have a doctor whom you can consult throughout your life. this is family physicians. They know you best and protect you from diseases by explaining the precautions in the light of medical science with very useful information, with the method we call preventive medicine, and protecting you from catching diseases if you have a disease and if necessary. They direct them to their specialist physicians.. But where is a dr. Instead of asking questions enough to overwhelm them with their questions, if they find it, they learn how to protect themselves from real diseases and learn how to treat them because of the information they do not understand. Excess of medical knowledge in some people also causes them to catch the disease itself, which does not exist according to their level of consciousness and culture.. .

It can be said that general information about diseases is given on TV and in the press every day. It is true, you are right, but it should be known that our colleagues tell these issues very carefully. Since they are aware of the harmful consequences of excessive and unnecessary medical information in the society, even in medical faculties, we give our doctors in the faculties during the education period. is taught. encyclopedias of medicine also gave rise to these drawbacks.

There were people who were sick, applied to the encyclopedia, searched for what they read there, and fell into very serious depressions. It is evident from the events that I personally experienced that while the education of pathology courses in medical students in schools was continuing. It causes complications.. That’s why.. People turn to alternative medicine, pilgrims, teachers, healers, psychics, and nuskaists when they say they are informed, because of incomplete, insufficient and unconscious, scattered medical knowledge, and when they are not satisfied with the treatment results. It is common in different parts of the world, but generally in underdeveloped and underdeveloped countries. Although there are scientific similarities in the real meaning of real medicine, it is debatable that they are an alternative to medicine. others are completely wrong. And it has irreparable results. Going to the cemetery of the toothache and biting the tombstones and trying to relieve the toothache is still bad, wrong beliefs and habits in some of our villages..

Finally, let me state the following, based on the experience I gained during my time as chief physician without going beyond our limits. It is a well-known fact that our patients complain that doctors do not speak in outpatient clinics.. Although the patient is always right..I have a humble word anyway.^^ Well-being, that is, being healthy cannot be hidden ^^. … it reflects out .. that’s the patient .. that’s the profile. this is what it looks like. In short, the patient is sick. It cannot be denied and cannot be ignored. It must be because of the physician.