Vagina aesthetic operation details

1. TVR-SLR-Total Vaginal Rejuvenation- SLR

– Patients with structural prolapse and who have given birth are candidates
– The procedure strengthens self-confidence and personal body perception
– Increases sexual excitability and couples’ mutual quality of life
– Mons pubis area is thinned, elevated, or stretched
– Sagging big lips are plumped and made more alive
– Enlarged and loosened inner lips are reduced
– Tears and scars formed during childbirth are removed
– The leather cap on it is shortened to facilitate the citricoral stimulation
– Lockoris can be reduced (patient specific)
– Micro oil injections are made at the vaginal entrance
– The loosened excess in the vagina is removed
– The underlying muscle and support tissues are made tighter again
Stem cells and other rejuvenating (PRP) factors are concentrated in the region with micro fat injections into the vaginal walls.
– Orgasm facilitating G spot augmentation (Filling or with your own oil)
– Post-operative period
– Spinal, epidural, general anesthesia
– 1 night hospital observation
– 4 days of rest, 5th day of work
– Antibiotic pain relievers and vaginal creams
– Air travel possible

2. Labiaplasty (reduction of genital lips)

– Reduction of structurally large drooping inner lips
– It is the most common sexual aesthetic attempt.
– It is synchronized if there is asymmetry
– It is mostly related to the outer part of the vagina
– During intercourse, excessive drooping lips are prevented from entering the vagina and causing pain and discomfort.
– The discharge and residues accumulating in the small lips are prevented, it is beneficial in terms of hygiene, and bad odors are prevented.
– Sexual self-confidence is restored
– Can be combined with Kilitoral cap reduction
– It is completed in 45 minutes under local anesthesia
– Discharge on the same day, return to work the next day

3.Kilitoris operations

– Kilitoris has a very important place in female orgasm
– Bigger-than-normal locks cause problems with summer clothes
– Easily resized to normal size
– Lockoral skin cap, which prevents orgasm formation, is reduced
– local anesthesia
– 30-minute procedure, same day discharge and on-the-job

4. Birthmark scars

– In difficult deliveries, an incision is made to enlarge the vagina, extending to the anal region (episiotomy), which over time turns into a thick scar and disrupts genital comfort.
– Vulva deformity and painful sexual intercourse
– Can be combined with vaginal tightening
– Very good results are obtained with plastic surgery techniques
– 45 minutes of operation same day discharged, next day work

5.Filling operations-transfer from your own fat

– In collapse and sagging that develops with age
– To add fullness and tension to the mons pubis
– Filling of deformed outer lips
– Raising the vulva
– To the vaginal walls for vaginal rejuvenation
– Day operation, same day discharge

6.Vagina tightening, (vaginoplasty)

– Enlargement of the vagina creates incompatibility with the penis
– Postpartum couples’ sexual compatibility is disrupted
– There may be noises due to air leakage during intercourse
– Over time, it causes sexual unhappiness, frigidity and separation of couples.
– It can occur not only in births, but also in structural and genetic reasons.
– We perform laser and radiofrequency assisted operations in our own technique
– Local anesthesia with spinal, epidural support if it will be done alone
– Discharge on the same day or the next day
– Back to work in 3-4 days
– 6 weeks of sexual abstinence

7. G-spot enlargement

– Usually on the anterior wall of the vagina
– It is the most sensitive orgasm area after the clincheris.
– Used alone or combined with vaginal tightening
– 6-8 month temporary fillings can be used if the procedure is done alone
– If it will be done together with vaginal tightening, your own fat tissue is used.
– Enlarging this area increases arousal and facilitates orgasm

8.Personalized plans and combinations.


1. Will the procedures affect my future pregnancy or delivery?
A:Absolutely not affected.

2.How long does the process take?
A: Indefinitely if you are not planning a new pregnancy. Only your new birth process will affect it.

3.Do I have a lot of pain?
A:There is usually pain that can be controlled with painkillers.

4. Will I go to bed after the procedures?
A: No, you can walk to your room. So you can stand up on the same day. On the 5th day, you can do sports after 2-3 weeks. For 6 weeks, intercourse should be postponed.

5. When can I take a bath?
A:You can do it the next day

6. Will I experience loss of feeling?
A: No, we are doing all this to increase your feeling.

7. Are there any scars after the operation?

8. When do I start seeing results?
A: Results begin to appear within 2-3 weeks. During this period, all swellings and edemas pass.