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Unwanted Changes in the Body After Pregnancy

Although there are magical moments and unforgettable moments of being a mother and pregnancy, the mother’s body carrying the growing baby begins to experience changes both during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The size, volume and weight of the breasts increase, the skin stretches and expands in the abdomen, the subcutaneous fatty tissue thickens and the abdominal muscles become looser. Along with the abdomen, there is thickening in the waist area and enlargement in the hip area. The formation of blemishes on the skin is increasing. Most of these changes go away after the pregnancy process, but some permanent deformations may occur on the body.

One of the doctors of Çevre Hospital, Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Derya Bingöl gave information about the ‘mommy makeover’ applied to mothers whose bodies changed after pregnancy. Bingol; “Many new moms experience unwanted post-pregnancy changes. Although most of these changes are temporary, permanent deformations can develop in the mother’s body after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sagging of the breasts, loss of volume, thickening of the waist region, fat on the sides, sagging of the skin of the abdomen, enlargement of the abdomen, looseness and cracks in the skin are among the most common complaints. “Maternity Surgery” is a combined operation aimed at solving the deformations of the mother, specially designed for the applicant mother to address the concerns of mothers about permanent deformations in her body after pregnancy and childbirth. The purpose of this surgery is to restore the shape and appearance of a woman’s body after giving birth to a child.

Although breast and abdomen aesthetic operations are often combined, all deformed areas such as waist region, genital area aesthetics and hip area can be added to the operation. Although maternity surgery is typically performed in combination in a single session, it can also be divided into sessions if needed, taking into account the mother’s health status.

Achieving the ‘Golden Ratio’ in Body Shaping with Maternity Surgery
Kiss. Dr. Bingol; “The golden ratio, defined aesthetically for the female body, is the ratio of the waist to the hips; one and a half. Our aim is to try to achieve this golden ratio as a result of surgery as much as possible, as the anatomical structures of the mother allow. For this purpose, the fat in the waist area is removed with the liposuction method, the waist is thinned and the waist fold is created. Abdominoplasty is often performed for the abdominal region. With this surgery, the relaxed muscles are tightened in the middle and even, the excess skin is removed and the abdomen is flattened. According to the need, the hip area is also shaped with liposuction and fat injection, and golden ratio aesthetics is aimed.

Breast Lift and Augmentation
Plastic Surgeon Op. Dr. Derya Bingol; In order to ensure milk production and due to weight gain, he said that women experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy and said: “After breastfeeding, the regression of the milk ducts and mammary glands and the loss of weight gained during pregnancy, the breast volume decreases and the breasts sag. Usually loose, excess skin. It can cause a dull appearance that is drooping and has lost its upper pole fullness. In order to solve this situation, excess and sagging skin is removed with mastopexy operation and the breast tissue is recovered; steeper and fuller; aesthetically a younger breast image is provided. At the same time, if volume insufficiency is at the forefront, breast fullness can be increased by using a silicone implant. Depending on the mother’s needs, mastopexy surgery can be combined with breast prosthesis, and both lifting and augmentation can be planned together.’