tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is a method that offers a permanent solution at once for cases where the elasticity of the skin does not allow the skin to recover after rapid weight loss, or for sagging after pregnancy.

Especially after pregnancies, the separation in the abdominal muscles causes the anterior abdominal wall to bulge outwards. In addition, cracks and sagging of the skin occur, the only way to eliminate these problems is abdominoplasty.

As a plastic surgeon, the most important thing for me in the preoperative period is the patient’s smoking status. Since there may be healing problems in heavy smokers -the already tense abdominal skin-, it is absolutely necessary to stop smoking in the 3-week period before the operation.

The basis of the operation is the removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue and the creation of an inner corset for the relaxed anterior abdominal wall muscles. However, my preferred technique is the American Plastic Surgeon Dr Lockwood, who has been accepted in recent years. high lateral tension abdominoplasty” method.

Until now, the classical abdominoplasty method has always focused on the mid-abdominal region. However, with the new approach, fullness in the upper abdomen, problems in the waist and groin area are eliminated. The neat appearance in the abdomen continues to form integrity with the side waist areas.

The suture line extends from the groin area to the lateral waist area, remaining in the underwear, but for the patient with such an aesthetic abdomen and waist anatomy, a linear scar is of no importance.

One of the most frequently asked questions by my patients; ” Can I get pregnant in the postoperative period?“. Abdominoplasty can be performed at the earliest 6-12 months after pregnancy. In addition, the surgery does not pose any risk for future pregnancy. The biggest problem to be encountered in the post-operative period is the problem of wound healing. blood circulation decreases compared to normal.It should be kept in mind that any factor that impairs wound healing may cause such problems, especially in patients who smoke, and necessary precautions should be taken in line with the doctor’s instructions.