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Tuberous breast and breast asymmetry

Normal individuals do not have SYMMETRY on the face and body.

Breast Breast Asymmetry and Tuberous (Underdeveloped) Breast

** structural ie congenital or

** Occurs after breastfeeding.

Structurally, it is noticeable with growth, and after breastfeeding, it occurs as a result of unilateral breastfeeding.

TUBEROUS breastIn the structural, that is, congenital asymmetry, which we call, this type of asymmetry can be seen in both breasts. The breast tissue is limited to the colored breast structure surrounding the tip and here is the under-breast line. Prosthesis and lifting surgery should generally be performed together in order to equalize the shape of the breasts.

But only if there is a size difference; Lifting operation, reduction operation or augmentation / lifting + augmentation may be required.

During the meeting with your doctor, the most suitable method for you will be explained with reasons.