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Tooth eruption and physiology

Although tooth eruption is a physiological event, there are also some changes in the gingival epithelium and connective tissue. In tooth eruption, with the effect of pressure on the bone tissue, a chemical activity begins in that area and destruction of the bone, connective tissue and epithelium begins. There is an increase in the vascularization of the region. Therefore, pain and redness are observed in the area. While all these events occur, histamine release occurs in the body.

Histamine release and the efforts of the enzymes to concentrate in the area and drive the tooth into the oral cavity cause regional itching.

Histamine release is minimum at 11 am during the day and maximum at 3 am at night. Therefore, it is natural to notice that the complaints increase at night. Antihistamine syrup can be used to suppress the complaints and relieve the child. For example, Avil syrup can be given as 2×1 at noon and evening, it also has the feature of giving sleep.

As a result, local temperature increase and itching cause stress in the child and he directs the child to solutions to relieve this itching. This is in the form of taking foreign objects into the mouth and stimulating the area by scratching. Children’s immune system is much higher than ours (of course, this does not apply to all kinds of microorganisms). Therefore, anything taken into the mouth is not effective enough to cause illness or diarrhea in the child.

If the fever exceeds 38 degrees, secondary diseases should be investigated.

By giving some importance to the cleanliness of the floor and the objects that the child can take into his mouth, and by preventing him from taking very small objects into his mouth, if you release your child, you can both strengthen your child’s immune system a little with small and small amounts of microorganisms, and also put something that is the basis of baby psychology into the mouth, not restricting his ability to grasp, and put him under psychological pressure. you don’t insert. This helps your baby to have a healthier psychology and strengthens the immune system.