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Tooth decay in babies (baby bottle decay)

My baby’s teeth rotted as soon as it erupted. What could be the reason?

In babies, it is sometimes observed that brown spots appear on the teeth as soon as they last, or that these teeth break and fall out. In fact, these stains are dental caries and teeth are broken due to caries. The reason for the formation of caries in such an early period is the caries called bottle caries. Breast milk or cow’s milk, which is the most important nutrient in infant nutrition, naturally contains sugar. If the baby sucks breast milk or a bottle before going to bed at night or during sleep, milk accumulates in the mouth and creates a favorable environment for microbes to rot the teeth. For this reason, care should be taken to clean the teeth, especially after night feeding.

What should be done to prevent baby bottle rot?

Since the treatment of bruises in babies is very difficult, preventive measures should be taken in the early period.

What are these?

Prevent your baby’s habit of sleeping with a bottle in his mouth at night. Try to sleep after feeding.

Do not add sweeteners such as sugar, honey and molasses to the milk in the bottle.

Make sure to drink water after the baby is fed.

When the first teeth start to erupt, wipe their teeth with a clean, wet cheesecloth after night and morning feedings.

What is the importance of baby bottle caries?

If the teeth with bottle decay are not treated, they cause pain and become inflamed. Inflamed or aching teeth cause the baby to become restless and disrupt the diet. Inflammation also affects the permanent teeth that will come from below, causing them to become disfigured. If these teeth have to be extracted, speech problems may occur in the child.

Why is my baby’s teeth decayed even though the bottle is not sucking?

In addition to the bottle, giving pacifiers dipped in sweeteners such as honey, molasses and jam to silence crying babies is another cause of bottle bruises. In addition, carbohydrate-sugar foods given to the baby to linger after the teeth erupt also cause tooth decay. Instead of such foods, the child should have high nutritional value such as apples and carrots; It is necessary to direct it to foods that help teeth cleaning.