Tips for parents – why are milk teeth important?

The most important guides that will ensure that the child’s permanent teeth are formed and erupted in a healthy way. are milk teethUntil the permanent teeth are formed and eruption time, milk teeth provide chewing function during the development of the jaws. Another of their most important tasks is forming the path that the permanent teeth will take. In short, looking at the milk teeth as ‘it will change and replace it with permanent teeth’ will greatly affect your child’s dental health. puts it in danger.

An inflamed or decayed primary tooth slows down or impairs the formation of the permanent tooth that develops underneath.

Milk teeth that are not given adequate oral hygiene and are damaged enough to cause their recession at an early age are the cause of your child’s inadequate nutrition and results leading to weight loss. You are responsible for your child’s oral and dental health for the first 6 years. After age, you should only control it by gradually giving it responsibility.

One of the most common mistakes parents make is After the age of 6, the permanent teeth that come out from the back of the milk teeth and which we call 6-year-old teeth are also considered milk teeth.When these 6-year-old teeth, which they will chew most effectively for a lifetime, are mistaken for milk teeth and allowed to decay, a picture can be traced to the loss of these teeth of the child.

For these reasons, teaching your child the importance of oral and dental health as early as possible and what he should do to protect it, throughout his life. it will make you smile.