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There are multiple causes of tooth loss.

Not paying enough attention to your oral health and delaying the visits to the dentist every six months can cause you to lose your tooth. Tooth loss can happen when you are 40 or 80 years old. Dentist Onur Öztürk from Plusdent Dental Clinic emphasizes that in order to avoid this situation, we should pay the necessary attention to oral health and not neglect to visit the extraction. Here are the main reasons that cause us to lose our teeth;

gum disease ; Dentist Onur Öztürk states that according to the latest researches, 57% of people with gum disease over the age of 35 are losing their teeth, and explains that gum disease includes gingivitis and periodontitis, which causes tooth loss. He also emphasizes that periodontal disease is caused by smoking, diabetes, stress, poor oral care, hormonal changes, or heredity.

Diabetes; Diabetes, one of the most important causes of tooth loss, also increases the risk of developing gum disease. At the same time, diabetes causes bone loss, which leads to tooth loss.

Smoking ; Smoking has been paired with tooth loss. Dentist Onur Öztürk stated that recent studies have shown that smoking causes tooth loss.

Other Reasons;Other causes of tooth loss are malnutrition, genetic predisposition, poorly made bridges, faulty fillings, AIDS, chemotherapy, drug use, some calcium inhibitors.

tooth loss;Although it is hard to believe, Dentist Onur Öztürk states that the most important reason for tooth loss is tooth loss, and says that if you lose one tooth, it may cause you to lose other teeth.

There are many reasons for losing your teeth throughout your life, but if you learn the real reason that causes them and take action against it, you will protect your other teeth from this danger. We recommend that you go to your dentist for a check-up every 6 months.