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The disease that destroyed the champion

The first clinical experiences of our university life are quite memorable. Big men crying like children when they see the injector, wrestlers who get goosebumps at the sound of the bur, the despair of boxers who knock out their opponents with one punch against toothache, high-level bureaucrats with a bow tie on their head like in cartoons…

One of these various patients was a famous champion of ours. He was groaning in such anguish that one could cry with this champion. Since I do not find it ethically appropriate, I will not state who he is here.

It was Vincent who had beaten his fierce rivals many times over to become world champion and beat him before a championship where he was likely to set a new record!

Who was this Vincent? A fierce competitor? New world champion? Is he very strong?

No. Vincent was nothing more than a major gum disease.

Today I will tell you about Vincent’s disease, which is one of the most common gum diseases we see. This disease is also known by many names: acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, Praut-Vincent disease and others…

We will refer to it as Vincent’s Disease by its most common name.

Vincent’s Disease:

Vincent’s disease is among the most common gum diseases. Although it can be seen in individuals between the ages of 15-35, it can be seen at any age. It is generally characterized by a sudden onset of pain involving the entire gums, but there are other findings as well. These:
• Severe tooth and gum pain
• Bad odor in the breath
• Fire
• Bad breath
• Taste disturbance
• Abscess
• Swelling in neck lymph nodes
• Difficulty in mouth opening

Although all these are signs of Vincent’s disease, they are not seen at the same time.
The disease starts suddenly and regresses very quickly if treated, or progresses very quickly if not treated. The patient feels terrible pain, the gums are red, there are rashes on it. Bad breath and taste disturbance are the first accompanying symptoms.
Let’s take a look at the causes of this disease that appeared so suddenly. Although the list can be very long, the following 3 causes most often cause the disease.

• Stress
• Cigaret
• Vitamin deficiency and loss of resistance in the body

Our disease, in which stress and smoking are considered the main factors, are encountered especially in young people who are preparing for the university exam or before the exam.

Although it responds in a short time when treated, it can involve the entire throat with lymph adenopathy if not treated.

We have talked to you about gum diseases and bad breath for the last four weeks. Although they are not very enjoyable subjects, unfortunately they are the most common cases. I hope that you will not face any of these in your entire life. But beauties are possible with effort, not just wishes. A paste and a brush for 4 minutes a day will open the door to a healthy and beautiful smile. And of course a SMOKING-FREE life…