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Summer care for healthy teeth

As we enter the middle of June, the holiday season has started with the warming of the weather and the holidays in the schools. While some of us were getting ready to go to our summer cottages, some of us started to search for holiday destinations and holiday opportunities. Those who want to go on vacation in a more fit way have started to tidy themselves up. So, while we care so much about our outward appearance, do we care that much about our oral and dental health? Dentist Onur Öztürk, stating that it is the right time to take care of our oral and dental health, which we do not pay enough attention to due to the effect of what we eat in winter, offers suggestions for entering the summer with beautiful teeth and not having any trouble during the holiday.

* Don’t Neglect Your Oral Care Just Because You’re On Vacation; Regular oral and dental care is very important for oral hygiene. A lot of problems can occur in teeth that are not brushed regularly, especially caries and discomfort in the gums. To prevent this, do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day and use dental floss while on vacation.

* Visit Our Dentist Before Vacation; A tooth decay does not always make itself felt beforehand. You may face toothache on vacation as a result of neglected dentist visit. To prevent this situation, visit your dentist before you go on vacation and if there is a problem that may occur, have it intervened beforehand.

* Drinking Water is Important The best thing to do for your teeth after eating is to drink water or milk. A glass of water after a meal removes food particles from the mouth and neutralizes the acidic environment in the mouth.

* Goodbye Tooth Stones; Tartars are formed when the minerals in your saliva precipitate on the bacterial plaque that forms on the teeth. Teeth that are not cleaned regularly cause gingivitis and gingival diseases as well as a visually bad appearance. It also causes bad breath. With a half-hour visit to your dentist, you can get your teeth cleaned and you can get healthy and cleaner-looking teeth.

* Avoid Hard Desserts; Hard and sticky desserts, which children especially enjoy eating, can cause bacteria and even tooth fractures in areas of the mouth that are difficult to clean. These foods should be avoided as much as possible. If these foods are eaten, the cleaning process should be done with great care.

* No smoking; Smoking, which is shown as the cause of numerous diseases, also affects our oral and dental health. Quit smoking this summer and step into not only healthy teeth but also a healthy life.

* Avoid Acidic Drinks ; Especially in summer, acidic beverages, which are the choice of many of us, cause many damage to the teeth, especially acid erosion. Instead, choose non-acidic drinks or use a straw when consuming such drinks.

* Tooth Sensitivity is Important; Stating that tooth sensitivity, which makes itself felt with cold drinks and foods preferred in summer, is a small but disturbing problem, Öztürk said; He recommends that you prefer special toothpastes produced for sensitivity, toothbrushes that are not too hard, and do not neglect general oral care. He states that in cases of sensitivity that does not go away despite these precautions, you should consult your dentist.

* Enjoy Your Holiday With White Teeth ; Teeth whitening, which is a very popular treatment and aesthetic method both in Europe and America and in our country in recent years, is performed in a clinical setting in as little as one hour. You can have white teeth by choosing one of the treatment methods applied in two different ways, home and office.