Stain mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the name given to all treatments applied to the middle layer of the skin. With this method, which we use safely in many treatments, be it medicine, herbal or herbal mixtures, we can actually treat many diseases, we benefit from mesotherapy as an additional treatment in the treatment of many diseases. Due to its popularity, we have started to hear about mesotherapy, which is a treatment method that can be safely and successfully applied even in neuromuscular pain, migraine, tinnitus and even kidney pain, which is also known as the strongest pain, in the field of aesthetics.
So why is mesotherapy indispensable in the areas of non-surgical aesthetics, well-aging and anti-aging? The key part of this job is to prepare mixtures with different contents according to the skin of the person and even the region of the skin and the problem in that region, and to present the ready mixtures with the appropriate content to the appropriate person. This is where the scientific part comes into play. With today’s technology, we achieve the most satisfactory results when we design a wide variety of treatment plans in combination and individually.

Mesotherapy, which can be a solution to many problems that bother the person such as spot treatments, skin and pore tightening, fine lines, dryness and icy skin; It is also a must for those who have no complaints and just want to age well in a healthy and natural way. Ingredients enriched with various combinations of antioxidants allow us to deliver safe and beautiful results.
In addition to these, we use mesotherapy to dissolve fat in the treatments of melting the jowl, making the jaw and facial lines more prominent.
In body mesotherapy, we provide regional thinning by melting the regional excess fat; We experience the happiness of satisfactory results in cellulite and stretch marks treatments, especially in combination with ozone therapy.

All these processes, so to speak, using needles of different lengths as fine as hair; We do this by leaving the right product at the right skin depth. The secret of treatment success is injecting the right content into the right area at the right depth.