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Smoking cessation with bioresonance method

It is indisputable that smoking is a major health and economic problem in our country. It is estimated that 32 million people smoke in Turkey. We spend about 20 billion dollars a year on cigarettes. If we add the expenditures made for the treatment of diseases caused by smoking and the lost labor force, a very frightening picture emerges. The continual decrease in the age to start smoking is another sad situation.

If we take all these into account, preventing starting smoking and getting smokers to quit should be one of the most important preventive health issues. In recent years, very positive results have been obtained with bioresonance in smoking cessation in developed countries. Bioresonance has been applied in our country for 2.5 years and very satisfactory results are obtained.

In short, bioresonance is a therapy system based on detecting the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the cells, tissues, and organs in our body, separating them as healthy and disease-causing, and giving them back to the body by modifying these frequencies (i.e. by reversing, magnifying or combining them according to need). With bioresonance, it is possible to obtain electromagnetic frequency patterns of all materials except glass, wood and plastic. In the smoking cessation session, the frequency pattern of nicotine is obtained and used in therapy. All these processes are done with the help of bioresonance devices, a computerized device that makes use of quantum physics. It is used in our center and produced by the German Regumed company. BICOM 2000 device is the most advanced bioresonance device.

Our application in the smoking cessation method with bioresonance is as follows;

one- To those who have decided to quit smoking, first “Fagerstörm Nicotine Addiction Test “ We determine the type of dependencies by applying it.

2- Smokerlyzer test deviceWe measure addiction levels with

3-We give the person one last cigarette and put the butt in a glass tube.

4-We measure and record the person’s blood pressure, pulse rate and weight.

5-The last cigarette smoked by the person and the saliva sample are placed on the entrance of the Bicom device. we place.

6-The Bicom device is made of this saliva sample and cigarette, personalized “Nicotine Electro Magnetic Frequency Pattern” ascertains.

7-This determined frequency pattern inverted and magnified 64 timeselectrodes and it is given back to the body with a magnetic cushion we call “Modulation Mat”.

8-Thus in the body nicotine frequencySince you are encountering an inverse frequency, (Laws of Physics as required) is reset.

9-All these processes take about 55 minutes.

10– What we applied during the session we load frequencies into a chip . 1 month of this chip We want it to be carried attached to the skin for a period of time. Thus, frequency reception continues. is doing.

11th– Although it is usually a one-session application local, it can be caused by structural differences. Because of this, we rarely do support sessions.

12-After the session, our body begins to perceive cigarette as a foreign substance and He starts acting like he’s never met a cigarette before. against smoking there is a kind of satiety and apathy. Excessive cigarette smoke it’s starting to get annoying.

13-To ensure that nicotine is removed from the body faster, it is given to people for a month. It is recommended that they drink 2-2.5 liters (8-10 glasses) of water a day and consume plenty of yogurt and ayran. we are melting.

Smoking cessation therapy with bioresonance it is painless . No side effects . During the session, people do not hear anything. Bioresonance method has been applied in developed countries for more than 20 years. Insurance systems in many countries, especially in Germany, pay for bioresonance therapies.