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smile makeovers

It is a redesign of the smile. It is a new design made by the physician and the patient, who want the smile to be redesigned, by deciding together. In addition to the dentist, the help of aesthetic surgery and dermatology estheticians are also taken in the design. Here it is necessary to determine the wishes of the patient. What’s wrong with your smile?

· Is it the color of your teeth?

· The size and shape of the teeth?

· Is it the position of the teeth with each other?

· Are the teeth compatible with the gingiva?

· The sagging and deformation of the cheeks?

· Is it the position of the chin?

· Is it the shape of the lip?

Wrinkle above the lip

· The relationship of the tooth to the midline?

In other words, the facial features of the person, the factors that play a role in the current dentition and smile are evaluated fully and comprehensively.

The artistic ability of the dentist, the skills of the dental technician, the patient physician and other specialists should be studied in harmony. Smile makeovers and smile design are close topics.

Smile makeovers and other specialties also need to work together. Sometimes a permanent make-up specialist can assist in removing the curvature of the lips. Because the curvature of the midline of the lip may appear as if there is a curvature in the teeth of the person, even if it is made in accordance with all facial criteria. Or, in a person with a very thin lip, the teeth may look big in a smile, as it will not cover the tooth structure, no matter how much you reduce it. For this reason, the filling or silicone that will be made on the lip parallel to the tooth formation can complement the smile.

The lip is of great importance in tooth making. A good picture shows itself with a good frame. For this reason, the line that the lip passes during smiling should be just above the point where the anterior central teeth meet the gingiva. An aesthetic inconvenience is created in the image where the lower jaw, known as the Sabancı jaw, is more than the upper jaw.

In addition to dental restorations, it is necessary to intervene in the jaw tip. In elderly patients (completely edentulous), when the expectation in prosthesis is the recovery of the face; In addition to the total prosthesis made, it may be necessary to fill the cheeks. This allows the existing sagging on the cheeks to recover enough to allow him to undergo an aesthetic surgery.

CHANGE YOUR SMILE; In his book Dt. Ronald E. Goldsteini has given extensive coverage to this issue. He even treated cleft lip and palate with a plastic surgeon in his studies. While lip and palate clefts have a very negative effect on the smile of the person, he gave a wide place to the happy smiles of individuals who passed the SMILE MAKEOVER program in his book.

There are many physicians working in this field in our country.