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smile design

What is smile design?

Smile design is the design of the most suitable smile according to the patient’s teeth, gums, nose, lips, chin and face shape. This design is custom made. Porcelain veneers are not a smile design alone, they are one of the methods used to achieve the perfect smile.

There are various types of smile designs, such as the Hollywood smile, which is very popular at the moment, the masculine smile where the teeth are flatter and smaller, and the feminine smile, where the teeth are much rounder and larger.

Hollywood smile/What is Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile is a kind of smile design inspired by current hollywood fashion. Rows of large and white teeth that appear up to the back when smiling are targeted. Like the bunny tooth image that once dominated fashion, this fashion is likely to pass in the future, but it is the most popular smile style at the moment.

What are the stages of smile design?

The most important and first step of smile design is to take a photo with your face and smile in full view! The biggest problem of most patients who want a smile design is that they don’t like their smile in the photos, but they don’t know exactly what they don’t like or they think that they will be satisfied with the smile design when they focus on a single area and fix it. However, smile design is not just about white and straight rows of teeth. Your teeth should be compatible with your face, age and style and should have some golden proportions. when we take pictures
We can both see and show you everything that disrupts the aesthetics of your teeth. At the same time, if there are elements on your lips, chin and cheeks that impair your smile, we can analyze them and direct them to medical aesthetic procedures (such as fillers, botox).

The second step is to determine the treatment that is right for you. Not everyone is treated the same in smile design. In minor problems and in young patients, smile design can be made with orthodontic (wire) treatment, whitening, gingival aesthetics or aesthetic fillings. In larger problems, if possible, first Laminate veneer, then E-max and Zirconium coatings can be planned.

The third step is to start the process and to install the digitally designed temporary teeth, if the veneer is done. Thanks to the temporary teeth, you both see the design in advance and try it until your permanent teeth are produced. Tooth design can be shown in the mouth by making mock-ups before starting the procedure.

The last step is to make sure that all health, functional and aesthetic problems of the teeth are resolved and to finish the treatment.