smile design

Aesthetic smile design is among the oral care applications that many people are interested in in recent years. Decayed teeth, gum diseases, crooked tooth alignment, tooth discoloration, tooth loss negatively affect the smile and physical appearance of the person. People who dream of getting rid of this situation and having healthy smiles apply to aesthetic smile design methods.

Smile design is one of the most frequently applied applications by aesthetic dentists. It is defined as the process of correcting the distorted teeth due to various reasons and aesthetic concerns in accordance with the face structure and needs of the person. At the end of this method, where many processes are applied together, the person has the smile of his dreams. A personalized treatment process is determined. The facial features, gender, age and expectations of the person play an effective role in determining the treatment process.

How is Smile Design Made?

The specialist dentist decides on the application that will best meet the aesthetic expectations of the person before starting the aesthetic smile design treatment process. In addition, problems are determined based on the mouth measurements taken and appropriate planning is made. Measurements are made in the computer environment on intraoral and facial photographs. The patient’s ideas are also extremely important at this planning stage.

If orthodontic treatment is not needed when the planning process is completed, the existing level disorders in the gums are determined. If there are missing teeth, implant procedures and other surgical applications take place. If necessary, teeth whitening is applied. Visual defects are filled with aesthetic fillings. In cases where it is not sufficient, porcelain veneers or zirconium veneers can be considered. During the rehearsals, the targeted design is given its final shape by considering the lip shape and contour of the person.

Smile Design Prices

Aesthetic smile design is a personalized treatment process. Considering the needs and expectations of the person, the processes applied and the methods preferred in coatings vary. Therefore, smile design prices also vary. The number of teeth to be applied in the patient also causes the smile design prices to change. After a detailed examination by the dentist, the treatment fee is determined.

Is Face Shape Important in Aesthetic Smile Design?

People who apply to dentists to have an aesthetic smile design present their dream smiles to the dentist with visuals. The face shape of the person is one of the factors that play the most important role in this treatment. The face shape of the person may not always be suitable for the desired design. The dentist aims to realize the most suitable smile design for the face shape and lip structure, taking into account the expectations of the person. It is imperative to create a smile design that is 100% compatible with the tooth structure and face shape.

How Long Does Smile Design Treatment Take?

The length of the aesthetic smile design process may vary from patient to patient. Many factors such as the person’s tooth structure, expectations, number of teeth to be made, surgical and orthodontic treatment processes determine the duration of the smile design process. Sometimes this process, which can take place even in a single day, can take up to 15 days.

What are the Advantages of Aesthetic Smile Design?

Although aesthetic smile design treatment is not an essential need for oral health, it is important for the person to feel better psychologically, gain self-confidence, and have a healthy and unhidden smile. As a result of this process, which is carried out to have an aesthetic smile, the harmony of the teeth with the lips is ensured. A brighter and lively tooth structure is gained. After the smile design, it is seen that people pay more attention to their oral and dental care routines.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

Aesthetic smile design is suitable for lifetime use, although no guarantee can be given. This procedure, which can be applied to anyone who is over the age of 18 and who is not pregnant or breastfeeding, allows you to have a healthy smile for a long time.