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Smile that expresses a person’s feelings and character; determines one’s self-confidence in adapting to society. The purpose of smile design; is to develop a stable masticatory system in which teeth, tissues, muscles, skeletal structures and joints all function in harmony. While designing the smile, it is very important to include the general dental treatment of the patient in the process. To achieve a successful, healthy and functional outcome, the entire relationship between muscles, bones, joints, gum tissues and occlusion must be understood. Smile design includes many treatments; Teeth whitening, gum aesthetics, composite dental fillings, zirconium or porcelain coating, lamina porcelain treatment, dental implant, shaping lip contours, orthodontic treatment.

Smile Design Treatment Process

1) First Inspection

First, the patient’s dental and medical history is listened to. A detailed intraoral examination of the patient is performed. With the radiographs taken, the condition of the teeth and surrounding tissues is evaluated.

2) Patient’s Expectation

The patient’s expectation about the smile design is evaluated. Considering the patient’s expectation, treatment planning is made and a realistic treatment plan is presented to the patient.

3) Taking Photographs of the Patient

photographic records; It is taken to help evaluate various parameters that may affect the final result, such as smile height, buccal corridor width, lip position, dental midline. At the same time, it is of great importance in terms of comparing the patient’s before and after treatment.

4) Performing Necessary Dental Treatments

After the patient decides on treatment, first of all, existing gum diseases and dental caries in the mouth are treated. The teeth to be treated with root canal are treated. If there are teeth that need to be extracted, tooth extractions are performed. If orthodontic treatment is required, the patient is referred to orthodontics. Implant treatment is applied to the areas where implants are required.

5) Digital Smile Design and Modeling

Smile designs are made on photographs in digital environment. The models obtained by using the mouth measurements taken from the patient are studied in the laboratory. The designs prepared on the model and in the digital environment are presented to the patient. After the designs are approved by the patient, the treatment begins.