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I told you about teeth like pearls. Starting from this article, I will try to explain how we can have white teeth and what cosmetic dentistry can do.

Before explaining how “teeth whitening” is our topic today, I think two concepts should be separated:

teeth cleaning

Teeth whitening

Most of the time, patients express that they want to “clean their teeth” in order to whiten their teeth. Then they are not satisfied with the result they get. The reason for this is the problem of not being able to convey the real demands that arise due to the confusion of concepts.

teeth cleaning ; It is the “deterring and polishing” process performed in order to remove the discoloration caused by external agents such as tea, coffee and tobacco, which form on the teeth without changing the natural color of the tooth, and to remove the tartar formed on the teeth. Tooth cleaning does not change the color of the tooth, it preserves its natural color. We can explain this in a more understandable language as follows. Our wall, which we have painted white, gets wet, dirty, painted by children and changes its color over time. However, when we delete it, it takes the color of the first day again. When the white wall is erased, the white one becomes white again, the yellow one becomes yellow again, and the blue one becomes blue again. When you wipe your yellow wall, its color does not become white. This is also the case with teeth cleaning.

However, sometimes we don’t like the color of our walls, just as we don’t like the color of our teeth. natural color we may not like. In this case, the method to be applied is called teeth whitening. Teeth whitening ; The chemical substance applied to the tooth surface is activated with the help of led light, halogen light, laser or the catalyst (the agent that activates the reaction) inside the tooth. It is the lightening of the natural color tone, that is, the bleaching of the color of the tooth. Teeth whitening pastes do not bleach the color of the teeth, they only help to preserve the natural tooth color.

How is this process done?

This process can be done by applying a chemical substance that your dentist will prepare for you with the help of an apparatus every night while you go to bed, or by your dentist activating the chemical substance by using a light source (led, halogen, laser) in the office. Generally, the preferred method is the method applied in practice, it gives more successful results and results in a shorter time. While the method applied at home gives results in 1 week, the application in the office lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

One of the most asked questions about teeth whitening How long does the effect of whitening last? . Although the answer to this question varies from person to person and according to people’s habits (cigarette, tea, coffee, etc.), it is considered to be 3 years on average. Following your dentist’s recommendations after teeth whitening is a factor that greatly increases your chances of success.

Another question is whether it has side effects . Some patients talk about experiencing cold sensitivity after teeth whitening. In addition, whiteness and irritation can be seen in the gingiva at the gingival line. All these are temporary problems in the teeth whitening process, which is done correctly and lasts for a few days.

Although the main purpose of the whitening process is to restore the natural color of the tooth that has lost its natural color through procedures such as root canal treatment, it is used mostly for aesthetic purposes today. However, as in every aesthetic application, there is a patient group for whom this procedure cannot be performed.

Individuals under the age of 18

Individuals with excessive wear on their teeth

People with tooth sensitivity

Bleaching is generally preferred in patients.

The important thing is not to have white teeth, but to preserve the color and health of the teeth. No matter how white your teeth are, an unhealthy gum and a neglected mouth are an obstacle to the beauty of your teeth. Therefore, first of all, to have white teeth

You should brush your teeth twice a day

Avoid sugary and dyed drinks as much as possible.

Quit your tobacco habits

You should definitely visit your dentist every 6 months.

May your laughter never be missing.