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Sinus lift operation


After the loss of teeth in the posterior region of the maxilla, vertical bone loss occurs in the area where the implant is planned due to aeration of the maxillary sinus. This may prevent adequate stability during dental implant application. Sinus lift operation is preferred to gain sufficient vertical dimension for implant application in the posterior region of the maxilla. Serving as a Maxillofacial Surgeon in Bursa, Uzm. Dt. Taner Köroğlu performs sinus lift operation in Bursa Specialist Bursa Specialists Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic for patients who are planned to have implants in insufficient bones. Sinus lift operation is performed with two different methods; Open sinus lift operation and closed sinus lift operation.

Closed sinus lift operation is generally preferred when the vertical bone height is 7 mm and above. Implant application can be done in the same session.

When the bone height is less than 7 mm, open sinus lift operation is preferred and the sinus membrane is removed by reaching the sinus membrane from the lateral wall of the upper jaw and bone graft (bone powder) is applied to the area to create sufficient bone volume. Depending on the situation, the implant is applied in the same session as the sinus lift operation, or the implant is applied 6 months later in the sinus lift operation.