Should a 20-year-old tooth be extracted?

Question: Should a 20th-year-old tooth be extracted?
answer is no..

But it is a non-base tooth. If they are cleaned very well, those who do not have bruises, or those that have been filled, can even be used as bridge abutments. Also, if an indication of extraction is made as a requirement of orthodontic treatments; Here, too, they may need to be removed due to various compelling effects, mostly affecting the impacted or tooth alignment, causing crowding and narrowing of the space. Therefore, their positions are very important during and after the recovery process.

Since they are behind, not cleaned very well and being under the gingival hood, they cannot come out completely and are in a half-extruded state, they cause bacteria to condense and accumulate here, and then inflammations and abscesses occur. In fact, with the unpleasant spread of this inflammation to the surrounding tissues, they cause acute sup-periostal abscesses, etc. lesions. The first thing to do is to treat the case by removing hoods with surgery. For this reason, it is the most important requirement to put the indication for extraction of such 20th-year-old teeth with surgical interventions, after the potential to be the focus of inflammation, which already exists, after the regression of the abscesses with drugs.