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Scars on the face / what to do?

Sometimes it’s not pleasant. It may be the result of an operation, wound, burn, trauma, or a sharp instrument. Since it is an area with a lot of blood, it may not be as puffy and itchy as a hyperactive scar, although it depends on the quality and color of your skin. But since it is on your face, it is primarily a cosmetic problem and it is unfortunate. You should know that scars can never be removed. It can be hidden, dimmed, minimized, but not destroyed. This is the case with the scars on the face. First of all, it should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon. If an operation is envisaged, the scars will be adapted to your normal facial lines and will be shifted to natural anatomical areas, such as the hairy area, according to the scar area, and will be tried to be hidden. Less clarification can be achieved with non-surgical methods (creams, laser, massage, etc.). But there is no method to completely remove the trace. All initiatives aim to make your trail more acceptable. This also has a very important function. Because you should know that in a significant part of people, for example, on a face or body that you like very much, there are many large and small marks. Sometimes beauty can carry all these, hide them and lie in the sum. In the treatment of facial scars, dermabrasion, which we call mechanical abrasion, is also a frequently used method. With the Cell Spray method developed in recent years, successful results are obtained by applying the skin cells obtained from your own tissue on the scars. Injection of rich content from your platelets, obtained from your own blood with the PRP method, into your scarred skin with a kind of mesotherapy method also gives very good results. In addition, very successful results are obtained with fat injection. Well-being and contour corrections can be achieved in the scar and surrounding tissues with fat injection and stem cell application. During the recovery period, you should avoid sunlight and mechanical trauma. Classical scar care treatments will be applied. You should know that this period:
It will vary according to the size of the wound, its anatomical location, the structure of your skin, its color and quality. Cigarettes should never be used. You should follow the care recommendations of your surgical team after surgery. And the final result can sometimes take 6-12 months, you have to be patient.