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Scars / glass, razor, knife, faceplate, surgery / what should be done?

Many injuries and scars occur on your body at any age for many reasons in daily life: Past surgeries, traumas, accidents, burns, knives / glass / blades / razors / tattoos, etc. It may sometimes be accompanied by a medical problem with itching, swelling and redness. It should be known that there is still no method that can completely eliminate the scars. But the image that bothers you will be hidden by a plastic surgeon, dimmed, reduced, or shifted to natural body parts or harmonized with the normal lines of the body. That’s the purpose. However, there are many possibilities that determine this treatment and affect its methods: The formation of the scar, the bleeding of the wound area, the time of formation, the trauma of the injuring instrument, the color, quality, thickness of your skin, the type of treatment applied after the injury, your body’s response / reaction to any wound, such as the size of the wound, its depth, and the direction of the scar / scar… All these methods will be evaluated by your doctor, and sometimes an attempt or interventions will be made within 6-12 months after waiting for your scar to mature. During this period, you should stay away from chemical and mechanical traumas such as solarium and sun, eat a balanced diet and not smoke. Adequate and correct dressings and post-operative massage are important in post-operative wound care. If a surgical operation will be performed on your wound and your scar is small, this will usually be an operation under local anesthesia and takes around half an hour. In the razor / knife / glass / tattoo scar treatments on your arm, serial and full excisions will be made and a single smooth surgical scar will be tried to be created. Afterwards, laser treatment may also be beneficial in fading your remaining scars. Sometimes only direct laser treatment (several sessions) can be prescribed. Dermabrasion is another method. In recent years, it has been obtained with good results with Cell Spray and dermabrasion. Sometimes medical permanent make-ups and suitable tattoos can give pleasant results. Silicone mold application is one of the applications that your doctor will choose in the treatment steps in all these processes.