Scarlet non-surgical face lift

Scarlet is a bi-polar radiofrequency device that acts on the subcutaneous dermis layer with 0.5-3.5 mm long micro needles. Radiofrequency energy is actually heat energy that has been used in medicine for many years to stop bleeding in surgeries. Thanks to the heat given under the skin with 25 microneedles on the device, collagen is activated and fine wrinkles are improved.
Before the procedure, emla anesthetic cream is applied to the face. In this way, less pain is felt during the procedure. Starting from the forehead area, all areas are scanned, including the eyebrows, upper and lower eyelid skin, cheeks, chin area, neck and décolleté area. Head and neck area treatment takes 45 minutes.
After the scarlet treatment, the redness that occurs with the application of a mask containing vitamin C on the face is eliminated. Redness caused by heat lasts about 2 hours.
In the scarlet process, heat is given 1000 times under the skin with 25 micro needles, which we call fractional radiofrequency. In this way, every area of ​​the facial skin is scanned. This refreshes the skin by opening 25000 invisible holes in the skin, each hole in the honeycomb-embedded skin shrinks with heat, the pores in the skin tighten, the thin veins are burned by heat and become invisible to the naked eye.
When Scarlet is applied on one half of the face, the effect of opening at the eyebrow edge, lifting up in the cheek area and opening in the neck lines becomes evident when compared to the opposite side. Then, within 30 minutes, temporary edema begins to occur as the skin warms up and absorbs water. With the effect of heat under the skin, the repair system is activated and the healing process begins. During the healing process, collagen bands are formed again. Skin vessels begin to reorganize.
Effects of this process:
Skin tension and shine
Clarification in the chin contour
Tension in neck skin
Reduction in wrinkles
raising eyebrows
It is the prominence of the cheekbones in the cheek region of the face.
The most effective results begin to be seen on the 21st day. 3 sessions with 1 month intervals are recommended. At the end of 3 sessions, it is recommended to repeat the procedure after 1 year.
Scarlet process;
facial wrinkle removal
Neck wrinkle removal
Spot-pigmentation treatment
Decollete area fine wrinkle treatment
On knee sagging
Fissure-stria treatment
It can be recommended for scar treatment.