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Rejuvenate without a scalpel

Look much younger thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry;

Everyone knows that we can get rid of the scars left by the years by making use of plastic surgery methods. However, operations are often quite costly and take a lot of time. The method applied today allows you to rejuvenate without surgery. The latest technologies applied in aesthetic dentistry offer a different alternative for you to gain the years that plastic surgery has given you.

Dentist Onur Öztürk from Plusdent Dental Clinic stated that a positive change was observed in the external appearance of the patients and their self-confidence increased. “With advancing age, some patients lose their teeth. Individuals who have lost their teeth look much older than they are. The lips of individuals who have lost more than one tooth look much thinner than they are, which is a factor that makes your age look bigger than it is.” Dentist Onur Öztürk states that they recommend implant treatment to his patients in this situation and that as a result of the treatment, the patients have smooth and solid teeth as they had when they were young. Stating that another factor that causes people to look older than their age is the discoloration of the teeth and wear on the teeth, Öztürk says that the teeth of young individuals are whiter and longer, and that as the age of the individuals progresses, the length of the teeth becomes shorter and their color changes over time. He added that with the laminate veneer method recommended for patients with such complaints, they can rejuvenate them for 10 years in 4 to 6 days. Emphasizing that the Laminate Veneer method is the most widely used method in aesthetic dentistry in recent years, Dentist Onur Öztürk adds that with this method, individuals can easily get rid of the problems they encounter over time or from problems such as intermittent teeth and crooked teeth that they have been suffering from for years.

Not having to close your mouth while laughing, being able to eat comfortably and having healthy gums add positive impressions to one’s life. Being able to laugh freely is important not only for looking young, but also for gaining one’s self-confidence and respect. In short, a beautiful “smile” can change your life.