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Recovery Process After Abdominoplasty

Things to Consider Before Abdominoplasty

As in any surgery, the patient’s history and first examinations are important in this surgery. However, in cases that will not prevent the operation, operations are performed by giving the day and appointment time.

Who Is Abdominoplasty Applied?

Abdominoplasty, which has been put into a wide range of applications in the last ten years, is applied to every patient with abdominal fat. Apart from this, it comes to the fore when it is applied to patients with various degrees of folds under the navel. Every patient with excess skin can undergo these surgeries after passing the necessary preliminary processes and examinations.

Things to Consider After Abdominoplasty

There are basic principles to be considered after tummy tuck surgery, which is applied to both men and women. Chief among these is the inhibition of alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption should be stopped after this surgery, which is applied by removing the fat in the abdomen, and in this way, the risks of excessive fat are directly eliminated. However, excessive sugar and carbohydrate eating habits should be abandoned. Because the frequent consumption of such products, the fat ratios that the tummy tuck surgery removes from the body are reintegrated into the abdominal regions in a stable and rapid manner. To prevent this, much healthier and organic products should be preferred, and homemade products should be preferred instead of packaged products.

At the same time, many different abdominal exercises can be done. In this way, the abdominal region can be kept in motion and the fat deposits can be resisted in a muscular way. Strengthening the abdominal muscles and making them visible can give what is expected both in terms of health and aesthetics. For this, basic sports principles such as brisk walking, cycling, sit-ups for twenty minutes a day are recommended by specialist doctors. However, this surgery may manifest as cracks in certain people. Various lotions and creams are used to eliminate these cracks to the maximum extent. If these creams are used under the supervision of a doctor, they work on much larger scales. Finally, the most important point that should be taken into account and that carries the healing process directly to a positive point is to succeed in staying healthy by spreading the nutrition over a large period of time.