Questions About Nose Aesthetics

Hello again my dear readers,

In my last article, I answered some of the frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty.

Question 1- Do you use tampons in rhinoplasty surgery?

Answer 1- During rhinoplasty, defects in the bone and cartilage structures in the nose (deviation) are often corrected.

Question 2- How much rest do I need for rhinoplasty surgery?

Answer 2- After rhinoplasty, the structures that act as molds that protect the external appearance stay on the nasal dorsum for an average of one week. During this period, some swelling and bruises are expected to occur on the face and around the eyes. Taking these into account and taking into account the work of people, it should be calculated that it is necessary to take a break from work or school life for an average of 7-10 days.

Question 3- How soon will I return to my sports life after the operation?

Answer 3- Since the bone structures are reshaped in rhinoplasty, it takes 2-3 months for them to harden. For this reason, I give permission to sports done with straight running or equipment, except for competition sports (basketball, volleyball, boxing types) after 3-4 weeks. The aim here is to protect the nose area from impacts. For the same reason, it is forbidden to wear glasses for 2-3 months.

Question 4- Can I determine my nose shape on the computer before the surgery or can I show the shape I want with a picture?

Answer 4- While performing rhinoplasty, the person’s own bone, cartilage and skin are mainly used. For this reason, the person’s own tissues gain importance in the form of the new nose to be created. Considering the person’s facial features and the person’s wishes and expectations, the most appropriate nose structure is created. Expectations, pictures and computer drawings can give an idea and try to create, but it may not be possible to create the same nose structure with the effect of the person’s tissue characteristics.