Prp (platelet rich plasma) Process

PRP is a very valuable plasma obtained from human blood, which has not been produced under laboratory conditions until now. 8-10 cc of blood taken from the person is placed in a special tube and centrifuged. After centrifugation, plasma called ‘PRP’ is obtained. Plasma contains cells that repair damage in the blood, which we call platelets. Like mesotherapy injection, it is injected under the numbed skin with a local anesthetic cream at 1 cm intervals. PRP injection, which has been used in various fields of medicine such as gingival treatments and treatments of orthopedic diseases for many years, has also been used in the field of aesthetics for many years. The most used areas of PRP;

-Stain treatment,

-Acne scar treatment

-Skin rejuvenation

-Fine wrinkle treatment

-Skin tightening and improving its quality

-Trace treatments

-Hair treatments (especially reducing hair loss)

-Fracture treatment

There are many reasons why PRP is called the miracle obtained from human blood. The fact that it is highly effective, does not carry the risk of allergy and has no side effects makes PRP treatment privileged. We recommend patients to undergo 3 sessions of hair and skin treatments between 5-8 sessions in order to prevent aging.