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Proper nutrition and oral health

Proper nutrition is the consumption of necessary nutrients for human growth, development, regeneration of tissues, and healthy functioning of the immune system. Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential for healthy growth, development and especially the development of intelligence. Otherwise, the body resistance will be low and the rate of catching diseases will be high.

Not starting the day without breakfast, eating at least 4 meals a day and not getting up from the table with a full stomach are the golden rules of nutrition, eating different foods, consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits, protein (meat, milk, eggs, cheese, legumes, lentils) and fiber. Focusing on foods (vegetables, fruits, cereal foods) and staying away from animal fats and carbohydrates, consuming plenty of water and using less salt will be very appropriate for a correct and balanced diet.

Poor eating habits, turning to excessively fast food, preferring foods that are too sweet, too salty and low in nutritional value may cause growth and development disorders and mental retardation in infants and children, starting from the mother’s womb, as well as reducing the performance of daily activities in adults, heart failure. – vascular diseases, kidney, liver diseases, will cause many damage.

Tooth and gum diseases are one of the primary consequences of malnutrition. The mother’s lack of calcium and mineral nutrition during pregnancy will adversely affect the dental structure of the child to be born.

In earlier infancy, breastfeeding or putting the baby to sleep with a pacifier dipped in sweet foods, a bottle filled with sweet liquids such as fruit juice, even if it is breast milk, is very harmful as these liquids will combine with bacteria and cause acid formation and tooth decay. Giving sweet, candy, chocolate-like snack foods or acidic beverages such as cola and soda will not only be wrong for the general health of the child, but will also be harmful for oral health as it will cause dental caries. Since children like candy, chocolate, soft and sticky candies, high-fat, spicy foods such as potato chips will stick to the tooth surfaces and cannot be removed with the help of saliva, water or milk, they should be consumed at certain times, and then care should be taken to brush the child’s teeth. Since consuming foods will have the same harmful effect for adult individuals, tooth brushing and oral care are of the same importance for each individual.

With proper nutrition and good oral care, it is possible to preserve natural teeth in the mouth for many years.