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Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear problem is a very common condition in our country. Many people have to use their hair regularly because they have prominent ears. In fact, this situation can turn into a situation that restricts it in the daily life of people. Especially in childhood, surgical operation is provided to eliminate the prominent ear problem due to being teased.

What is Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is the appearance of the person’s ears being more protruding from the head and being more upright. Due to this condition in their ears, people may be very uncomfortable with the image. Prominent ear condition can be seen in one and both ears of people. Although it does not cause any health problems, the image can disturb people psychologically. Using a hair band in the early period can minimize prominent ear problems. However, after a certain age, surgical intervention is absolutely necessary to correct the prominent ear problem. The surgical intervention to correct the prominent ear problem is called otoplasty.

Can Prominent Ear Be Corrected?

Prominent ear problem can be corrected very easily thanks to surgical intervention. Even today, the prominent ear problem can be corrected even without surgical intervention, thanks to methods such as rope suspension.

When Should Prominent Ear Surgery Be Performed?

Prominent ear correction operation, unlike other surgical procedures, is a procedure that is started at a young age. In general, although parents wait until the age of 10 for prominent ear surgery, many people apply the operation to their children at the age of 4-5. We can also say that it is an operation that can be performed at any time. In other words, you can have prominent ear surgery whenever you want in adulthood.

What is Prominent Ear Aesthetic Surgery?

Prominent ear aesthetic surgery is a surgical procedure applied by individuals who want to get rid of the prominent ear problem. For this, two different techniques are applied, such as the classical method and the rope hanging method. In classical prominent ear surgery, an incision is made behind the ears of the people, so that both the excess tissue of the ear and the ear tissue are taken back.

Who Can Have Prominent Ear Surgery?

Ear aesthetics is one of the aesthetic operations suitable for everyone.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

The issue of how prominent ear surgery is performed is a subject that people who think that this operation is very serious and heavy are very curious. This operation, which is expressed as otoplasty, can be performed for one or both ears. While general anesthesia is applied to small patients during the operation, local anesthesia is applied mostly to adult patients. There are many techniques preferred for the operation. According to these, while the operation is carried out to remove the cartilage, sometimes the problem is solved by shaping the cartilages. The way to be followed during ear surgery is also decided according to the general structure of the ear.

Things to Consider Before Prominent Ear Surgery

In this process, first of all, you should ask your doctor all the questions that come to your mind and get detailed information from him. In addition to these, the process to be experienced before the operation and the factors that you should pay attention to are as follows:

Your doctor will first examine you and decide how to proceed. In this process, you should inform your doctor about your medical condition, the drugs you use and your expectations in general.

If there are drugs with blood thinning effects such as aspirin that you regularly use before the operation, you should definitely stop using them. If you leave 1 week before, there will be no problem.

In addition to drugs, you should stay away from foods and plants that have blood thinning effects.

Smoking and alcohol use in surgical operations slows down the healing process of the person. Therefore, in this process, the person should stop smoking and alcohol use in the 2 weeks before the operation.

Other details to be considered during the operation process are generally personal. After examining you and your health status, your doctor will warn you about the issues that need attention.

Things to Consider After Prominent Ear Surgery

The process after prominent ear aesthetics is much more important. In this process, if patients want to return to their normal lives in a short time, they should definitely pay attention to some important points. In general, the most important conditions that patients should pay attention to are as follows:

Prominent ear aesthetics takes an average of half an hour and 45 minutes for each ear and the patients are discharged on the same day.

Patients can take a shower, but water should not get into their ears. In this process, it would be much better not to take a shower for a few days to be sure. Apart from that, you can take a shower 3 days after the operation, but after that, you must dry the back of your ear thoroughly.

After surgery, patients need to use bandages. Patients should wear the bandage for 3 days after the operation. For the next 2 weeks, it should only be worn at night.

After the operation, patients need to be very careful, especially when turning their heads from one point to another. Otherwise, they may expose their ears to trauma.

Patients should not lie on their ears after the operation.

After 7-10 days after the operation, the stitches placed behind the ears are removed.

There may be some aches and pains on the first day. In this case, the use of painkillers will be sufficient.

Patients can return to work and normal life 1 day after the operation. After about 2 weeks, he can start taking long walks. In order to do sports actively, it is necessary to wait 6-8 weeks.

After the operation, in general, the patient should not do activities that will force the ear.

Patients should not use accessories such as earrings and glasses for 1 month.

In general, the patient should strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations and be very careful in this process.

Is There a Non-Surgical Prominent Ear Treatment?

For those who do not want surgical intervention for prominent ear operation, there is a thread ear aesthetic technique. During this surgical procedure, people are given local anesthesia and no incision is made. Since no incision is made, there is no scar. Prominent ear aesthetics with threads, unfortunately, are not suitable for every ear structure. Your doctor will decide whether you are suitable for the operation after performing the necessary examination.

Prominent Ear Surgery with Thread

Prominent ear surgery with thread is a non-surgical procedure and only thread is used in this procedure. The most important advantage of the operation is that no incision is created. However, because it is not suitable for every patient, unfortunately, some people need to apply for a surgical operation. During this operation, the patient’s ear is pulled back by stretching the back of the ear. Local anesthesia is applied during the procedure. If the patient’s ears are suitable for the rope suspension method, the success rate of the operation is also very high. As in classical surgery, patients should use a hair band for 2 days in ear aesthetics with thread.

Is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Risky?

You should definitely not be worried about whether prominent ear aesthetics is risky. Because most of the time, it is a procedure that does not even need general anesthesia. Since it is a very comfortable operation for children, it can be understood that it is not risky anyway. Very mild complications and risks can be seen after the operation. These are also simple risks that are in every surgical intervention in general.

At What Age Is Prominent Ear Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The question of how old is the prominent ear surgery is one of the issues that families who want this operation for their children are especially curious about. For parents who do not want their children to have problems in school life and therefore want to have a pre-school procedure, it is important to be at least how old they are. If you want, you can have this operation at a later age.

Is Prominent Ear Aesthetic Surgery Painful?

Earlobe reduction operation is not a painful procedure. While general anesthesia is applied to children, local anesthesia is applied to adults. Of course, adults who request can also be treated with general anesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should prominent ear surgery be performed in children?

Although the age of 18 is generally expected for surgical aesthetic operations, prominent ear operations are also applied to children. In fact, the ideal age for this operation is 5 years old for pre-school.

Can prominent ear surgery be performed on adults?

Prominent ear aesthetics is an aesthetic procedure applied to both children and adults.

When can I return to work/school after prominent ear surgery?

Prominent ear aesthetics is a simple operation in general, and patients can return to work and school in a short time after this operation. You can go back to your school or work after 2 days. You only need to wear a hair band during the day for 7-10 days after the operation and a hair band at night for 1 month.

Do Ears Return to Their Old Form After Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

One of the most important concerns in patients after prominent ear aesthetics is the return of the ear to its original state. But you don’t need to have such a concern. Because during the operation, permanent threads are used in the inner part of the ear. Therefore, it is unlikely that the ear will become old again.

Is it understandable that I had ear aesthetics?

The scoop of the ear is a situation that disturbs people as an image. It can be very irritating, especially in childhood. In aesthetic operations, the procedure performed is uncertain. It is not obvious from the outside that you have prominent ear aesthetics.

How long does prominent ear surgery take?

Prominent ear operation is a procedure that takes an average of one or one and a half hours. Of course, we have to say that the time may decrease or extend depending on the ear structure of the people. Sometimes large ears can be reduced with prominent ear surgery. Thus, the duration of the operation may be prolonged.