Prominent ear (pronounced ear) is not destiny!

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ömer Mutlu gave information about the prominent ear (pronounced ear) problem.

Stating that prominent ears, which are an aesthetic problem that occurs due to birth or genetic reasons, are no longer fate, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ömer Mutlu said that the situation, which can even be a mockery, especially in childhood, can be easily corrected. Since the ears have completed most of their development, Mutlu suggested that prominent ear surgery be performed in the pre-school period and stated that this situation can lead to psychological problems in later ages.


Saying that prominent ear surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia depending on age, Mutlu said, “The ear cartilages are shaped by suturing by entering behind the ear. Afterwards, buffered bandages are closed behind the ear. Stitches are not removed as it is an aesthetic suture. Traces are not visible. The patient can go home the same day. Removal of bandages is 2-3 days later. It is necessary to use a hair band between 3 and 6 weeks in order to protect the ears against external impacts.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ömer Mutlu stated that the pre-school period is considered the most reasonable time. Dr. Mutlu said, “According to the latest research, 20 to 30 percent of children born are born with external ear deformities. It is thought that prominent ears may occur due to an excessively wide angle in the auricle, genetic predisposition or a difference in the development of the baby.