Prominent ear operation

Prominent Earcommon in different religions and societies starting from kindergarten age. mantiear” ” sailIt is a congenital anomaly that is ridiculed by using names such as “ear” etc. At these ages, children are very cruel and selfish towards each other. The pressure on children with this complaint is high, the introversion that occurs over time can continue for life, causing severely asocial personalities. Lack of folds in the auricle / partially, the angle of the scoop to the skull is increased and it is tilted forward.These combinations of structural anomalies are different in individuals, even in both ears of the same person.
Prominent ears remain soft for 1-2 weeks after birth, although it is not very obvious in this period, but if there is a familial predisposition, protruding ears can be prevented by wearing a bandana after a doctor’s examination. But if it has happened in other periods of life, its treatment is surgery. The surgery can be performed at any age. It can be performed in the operating room with local anesthesia-sedation. It is an operation in which the person can continue his daily life.
In congenital anomaly of the auricle, the skin is removed by making an incision behind the ear at the junction of the ear-head, and the skin is closed by shaping the auricle with permanent-invisible sutures placed on the cartilage tissue. After the operation, a relatively thick and tight bandana, which we call a sports bandana, is put on the dressing, and the bandage is removed in an average of 4-5 days, the patient takes a bath, then continues to wear the bandana at night for up to 3 weeks.
The operation technique varies according to the existing deformity type in the ear. The duration of the operation also varies according to the deformity. There is no need to stay in the hospital.