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Professional steps for the perfect smile

1. HYGIENE: Dentist Onur Öztürk states that the first condition of having perfect teeth is oral and dental care. states. In addition to these, he says that thanks to the visits they will make to a dentist every 6 months, they will be able to take precautionary measures for any problems that may occur in their teeth, and with a simple tartar cleaning that can be done during this time, they can get rid of calculus and tooth stains and have a cleaner and fresher appearance.

2. TEETH WHITENING : Dentist Onur Öztürk, stating that having white teeth is not as difficult as it seems anymore, states that two methods are used to have white teeth: office type and home type. With the office type teeth whitening method, the dreamed whiteness is achieved within 1 hour under the control of the dentist (sometimes a second session may be required). He also states that the teeth will whiten in 10-14 days.

3.PORCELAIN LEAVES:Öztürk stated that the technique called porcelain leaf can be an excellent solution for individuals who think that their teeth are too yellow, as well as too small, spaced, crooked and want to have a brand new smile. states that they can have the smile of their dreams.

4. IMPLANT: It is very important to have a missing tooth in the mouth, both in terms of aesthetics and health. Stating that the most effective treatment in the treatment of missing teeth is implant treatment, Öztürk adds that implants are artificial tooth roots that are as useful as real teeth.

5. ORTHODONTICS : Although orthodontic treatment is thought to be only for children, orthodontic treatment is also successfully applied to adults. Young, adult individuals who want to have straight teeth can benefit from this treatment.

6. RED AESTHETIC: Although you dream of white teeth, excessive appearance of your gums or inconsistency in gingival levels prevent you from having a perfect smile. What needs to be done for this is to get information about gingival aesthetics from your dentist.

7. Bye Bye to OLD PORCELAINS: Porcelain crowns made with the technology of years ago do not satisfy people anymore with the advancing technology and the increase in the aesthetic perceptions of individuals. Stating that there are now brand new treatment techniques for people who had porcelain made in the past but complained that they were not natural enough and want to change them, Öztürk stated that full ceramic porcelains resemble natural teeth thanks to their light transmittance.