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Professional advice for sensitive teeth

Sensitivity in the teeth can be extremely uncomfortable. This sensitivity in the teeth starts to make itself felt with the cold drinks you drink and the ice cream you eat, especially on hot summer days. In some cases, eating something hot or acidic can cause pain and leakage from sensitive teeth. If you are experiencing these problems, we can say that you have sensitive teeth. Plusdent Dental Clinic Dentist Mehmet Kazandı states that many people have this problem and makes recommendations to prevent this sensitivity;

Take care of your Oral Hygiene; According to Mehmet Zahid Kazandı of Plusdent Dental Clinic, most people brush half their teeth. However, you should brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes, making sure to brush all your teeth. If you think you can’t reach between teeth with a brush, use dental floss. This way, you avoid the risk of plaque formation. In addition, visiting your dentist regularly and having your teeth checked and cleaned will protect you from gum disease.

· Use the appropriate toothbrush; You may think that you have achieved the cleaning you want on your teeth with hard toothbrushes. However, hard toothbrushes cause serious abrasions on the tooth surface. Therefore, choose toothbrushes that are suitable for your mouth and teeth structure.

· Use toothpaste suitable for sensitive teeth; There are various toothpastes made for sensitive teeth. Using them regularly can provide great relief.

· Pay attention to the foods you eat and drink; Avoid foods and drinks that contain acid. Citrus fruits and fresh juices, lemon and lime juice cause tooth sensitivity.

· Use fluoride mouthwashes;The use of fluoride mouthwashes during the day can be partially beneficial both for maintaining oral hygiene and preventing tooth sensitivity.

Get treatment if you are grinding or clenching your teeth; Today, many people are clenching or grinding their teeth in their sleep due to stressful life conditions. Some of them perform this action during the day. This situation causes headache, neck pain or pain in the joints as well as sensitivity in the teeth in individuals. Dentist Mehmet Zahid Kazandı, stating that he has many patients with such complaints, states that they give them a night plaque to use at night, so that the sensitivity of the teeth of the patients who do not grind their teeth decreases over time.