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Preventive dental treatments in children

Due to the increase in the sugary foods we eat today and their easy accessibility, caries formation occurs at a young age. For this reason, preventive and preventive treatments are of great importance.

In children, milk teeth begin to erupt from the 6th month. At the age of 2.5, the eruption of milk teeth is completed. Since the teeth begin to appear in the mouth, dental cleaning should be applied with the help of the mother. Up to 4 years of age, fluoride-free toothpaste can be used. After the age of 4, toothpaste containing fluoride is preferred. Fluorine is an active substance that strengthens tooth enamel.

If no dental problems have been seen before, the first dentist check should be done at the age of 4 years. The dentist may apply topical fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. This application should be repeated every 6 months.
Fissure sealants are filling materials that cover the recesses on the chewing surface of molars. Milk molars are important teeth as they function in the mouth until the age of 11-12 and keep the permanent teeth in place. Young children cannot brush effectively and may lose these teeth before their normal time. For this reason, fissure sealant application is recommended.

The first permanent molar begins to erupt at the age of 6 years. This tooth erupts behind the milk teeth. For this reason, families may not understand that it is a permanent tooth. This tooth, which lasts behind, cannot be brushed effectively by children and caries can be encountered at an early age. Fissure sealant application is definitely recommended for 6 year old teeth. If the physician deems it necessary

2. It can also apply fissure sealant to permanent molars and premolars.