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post pregnancy mommy aesthetics

We know that the feeling of motherhood is one of the indescribable feelings, but we also know that it is troublesome and painful…
After pregnancy, cracks in the abdomen and other parts of the body such as legs, breasts, arms, and skin loosening become evident. This situation disturbs our mothers very much and leads them to seek solutions. The breastfeeding process that continues afterwards increases the deformations. After completing this process, the body rarely recovers, depending on skin color and skin quality, this happens to one in 200 women on average. Therefore, the deformations that bother many women increase the search for solutions for them. Here, women need to research carefully and it will be the right decision for them to turn to the doctor who gives the right information to the body’s recovery process.
The first 6 months after pregnancy is the most important phase for breastfeeding and recovery of the body. During this period, they should determine the paths they will follow as an examination. After the first 6 months, in the period when breastfeeding is stopped, they can have all operations after the doctor’s examination.
The most common application after pregnancy is emptying and sagging of the breast. These complaints are usually mastopexythe operation for sagging, which we call Augmentation We perform breast augmentation surgery with a silicone prosthesis we call. However, for some women, only Mastopexy or Augmentation is sufficient. We have detailed the details of these operations under the breast title.
The reason for the application with the same frequency is low belly after pregnancy, tears and sagging of the skin. Again, the determining factor for this operation is the skin quality and body structure of the patients. Sometimes a tummy tuck, which we call MINI Abdominoplasty, is sufficient for women with a body structure called brunette and tall bony. But most of the time, FULL Abdominoplasty operation is required for the women who apply.
The second most common complaint is the increase in fat in the inner legs, back and waist area and changes in the buttocks.